Illusion of love…is better than none.

•February 17, 2010 • 2 Comments

Well how the fuck are all of you doing? Yeah I know…where have I been. It’s called working people. Doing my regular thing and starting up a new  blog, bigger and better!

Coachella is around the corner for all of you who don’t know…I will be there all 3 days. Hopefully I don’t burn to death. All I have to say is the line up is crazy, and I anticipate everything and more!

I know there have been a lot of new things popping up here and there…but we all know how much I love Uffie. I was disappointed to see that Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans, did not come out this February. So far I have heard maybe this March. For now she has re-released Pop the Glock and added one more new single MC’s Can Kiss. Now for all of you die hard fans, you also know that somewhere in Europe they previewed her latest single, Illusion of Love. It’s catchy, slow tempo-ed. I love it!



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Can you believe it another year has gone…and now we must begin to think about this years Coachella Music Festival. If you have been staying up-to-date you would know that you can layaway your tickets. The cart option has opened up…get to!

To bad they aren’t giving us a sneek peek to the possible line up. That way it can at least cause some stir and reaction…and make me want to buy my ticket now. But, I will wait. I am only planning on going two days this year.

Stay tuned…more will be updated as new information is released. Coachella 2010 here I come!

It’s a New Year…and maybe a new Blog

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Hey people of the blog-o-sphere! Happy New Year. As I told you in the new year I will begin to blog a lot more. Well here is my attempt. 1-2-3…GO!

Well today we will start with a new song I have been obsessing over, with none other than Miss Amanda Blank! Ok, the song is really by Yuksek, but I must say Amanda definitely makes the video. I love it and so should you! Here is the song Extraball featuring Amanda Blank.

If you still haven’t picked up Amanda Blank’s album, I Love You, then you are missing out on an emerging artist in the electro-pop/woman rapper scene. The album takes you on a great ride from hard hitting lyics and beats to smooth melodic pop tunes. She is beautiful, but most of all her voice and lyrics. Definitely a student of Peaches, this lady is going to take it all the way to the TOP!


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Ok so I haven’t been the most active blogger this past month…but hey! this isn’t a competition. Any how…this January I will start up again. I promise. For now listen to music, support your artists, and oh yeah have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Oh before I forget…check out Uffie’s new song that just leaked, MCs Can Kiss. Her album will drop some time next year…maybe January!?!

Also…I know, I said I wasn’t really going to blog, but check out my friend’s site IMBOYCRAZY. She is the best and you should love her too!!

Ellie Goulding making the rounds with Under the Sheets

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Another lady hits the electro-pop scene and her name is Ellie Goulding. If you are a fan of Little Boots, Ladyhawke, and La Roux then you will instantly fall in love with Ellie. Her first single to hit Europe is Under the Sheets, out on Neon Gold. To read more about her, follow the link to Neon Gold’s blog.

So far Ellie has been hitting all the music blogs, great way to play it. Check out her rendition of Black and Gold, originally by Sam Sparro. This is someone to definitely keep an eye out for on the scene! Enjoy!

Cold Cave for the Masses

•November 15, 2009 • 1 Comment


You may have heard the song Life Magazine playing in the background of a Radio Shack commercial. Are they still around, Radio Shack that is? Well it seems they are jumping on the Itune’s wagon and using indie alternative/electronic bands to jump start their company all over again. But is it working?

Who cares, I love the song Life Magazine, off the album Love Comes Close. It’s one of those songs, that when I hear it I have to stop everything I am doing, sway my head back and forth and shuffle my feet around. Yes, that is what I call dancing! If you haven’t heard the song yet, then you must. Cold Cave will be out in Los Angeles in the coming month…if I am lucky I just might go see the show!

Cold Cave is an electronic side project by Wesley Eisold who was a part of some bands like Some Girls, American Nightmare/Give up the Ghost, and XO Skeletons.

Lady Gaga who…it’s all about Dragonette

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Today while I was busy facebooking people to death, my friend Ashley Morisette, posted a video by Dragonette. How could I forget about Dragonette!?! I have yet to write anything about her. I played her album back to back with Calvin Harris. The perfect mix I tell you. You might know her for the song, I Get Around. If you love it you will also love the remix by Van She Tech. It is amazing!

Dragonette is one of the many groups coming out of Canada. I tell you it is in the water. The band consists of lead singer/song writer Martina Sorbara, bassist and producer Dan Kurtz,  guitarist Chris Hugget, and drummer Joel Stouffer.

Here is another one of their videos for their single, Pick up the Phone.

Pick up their latest album, Fixin’ to Thrill!