Is Lady Gaga OVER!?!


Ok, I know I loved Lady Gaga when she first came out, this was prior to her US release….but I am so over her. Does every song of hers need to be remixed? Isn’t all of her music already over produced as it is….disco disco disco disco stick! Yes, it’s catchy, it synth-tastic, and pop….but I am tired of the same damn sh!t being played over and over again. People made fun of Britney Spears when she first came out for using the same formula for Baby One More Time and Sometimes I Run…yes I know scary that I know…so what’s different from her and Lady Gaga. Other than bangs, shoulder pads, and a disco stick? Absolutely NONE!

Like I said I loved her before her music got so played out…yeah I used the phrase played out! Anyways, just stop with incessant remixes of songs that already sound remixed and put something new out, something more inventive. Come on give us some credit!


~ by discomachine on August 6, 2009.

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