Allure, the French are up to it again…great music!

Photo by Gauthier Amano

Photo by Gauthier Amano

So this artist I found through another blog. Allure is pretty interesting because if you listened to his stuff without knowing who he is, you will automatically say it is Justice. Ofcourse this could be due to the harpsichord sound that Justice is so well known for.

Allure takes the sound to a different place. It has a very mellow and entrancing rythm, it flows like jazz and classical music. I know you must think I am on crack by now…but you definitely have to listen to it. He also does an awesome mix of Tellier’s song, L’amour et la violence.

This young Parisian artist is a must to be checked out!


~ by discomachine on August 19, 2009.

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