Fiago’s, My TV

fiago bnw

If you still haven’t heard Fiago’s single Stay, then you are missing out. I recommend picking it up. Also, make sure to check out their other single called, My TV.

So, who exactly is this dynamic duo. Well tell the truth I only knew a little about them, but I do know their music is electronic-tastic. 

The duo hails from Austria, comprising of members, Markus (Dj and producer), and Max (song writer). The two first met at a campaign against sweatshops. I love it already, people who are passionate about making a difference. Not just through their campaigning, but through the use of their music. After their meeting they decided to join together and write music using slogans for their lyrics. They define their sound as Risco–Rock Disco.

Check out the rest of their bio…FIAGO, and while you are there do the retweet and receive their single Stay.

Oh and don’t compare them to that other affair…The Presets. Whom, I am sure people will bring up. Both are equally great, I love The Presets. But I think I would love to see Fiago do this accoustic thing their site claims. Can’t wait to see more!


~ by discomachine on October 4, 2009.

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