Brace yourself…Earthquake is coming Nov. 16th

earthquake lil boots

Ok, so not a real earthquake…just Little Boots next single…Earthquake. It is the next single to be released on Novemeber 16th off of the album, Illuminations. Little Boots is one of the many rising stars that I have been obsessing over since I first heard her sing Meddle.

She has already swept through the US with her release New in Town. The video was shot in downtown Los Angeles. Who knew you can break out into song and dance with LA bums. It’s fantastic-al! But what did you expect…Little Boots is all about the show! Plus, she is GREAT live. Youtube some of the videos if you like, and while you are at it download the album from Itunes or where ever you get your music from!

Oh yeah and if you don’t know what that thing is, that little box she is always playing with…take that how you want…it is called a Tenorion. I want one! It does pretty much everything to create music…all in one great little square.

Here is the song, Earthquake, remixed by Gold Panda.


~ by discomachine on October 7, 2009.

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