Cold Cave for the Masses


You may have heard the song Life Magazine playing in the background of a Radio Shack commercial. Are they still around, Radio Shack that is? Well it seems they are jumping on the Itune’s wagon and using indie alternative/electronic bands to jump start their company all over again. But is it working?

Who cares, I love the song Life Magazine, off the album Love Comes Close. It’s one of those songs, that when I hear it I have to stop everything I am doing, sway my head back and forth and shuffle my feet around. Yes, that is what I call dancing! If you haven’t heard the song yet, then you must. Cold Cave will be out in Los Angeles in the coming month…if I am lucky I just might go see the show!

Cold Cave is an electronic side project by Wesley Eisold who was a part of some bands like Some Girls, American Nightmare/Give up the Ghost, and XO Skeletons.


~ by discomachine on November 15, 2009.

One Response to “Cold Cave for the Masses”

  1. i love this album cover!

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