Fischerspooner, Supply and Demand

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Tomorrow night will be a great time! I get to see Fischerspooner perform a live Dj set. I love Fischerspooner. They are releasing their next single, Supply and Demand, off their album, Entertainment. If you love a group who is over the top in both performance and dress attire, then you need to check out Fischerspooner!

I posted here a remix of the song Supply and Demand by AutoErotique. It adds a different dimension to the song, I like the original more, but I can’t pass up a good remix! You got supplies…I got demands!

Also check out the D.I.M. remix.

If you are in LA tomorrow night and don’t have anything to do…as most of us don’t on a Tuesday…check out Cinespace hosted by Dim Mak Tuesdays and special host Alexi Wasser of! Stay for the music and free Vodka!

Advertisements X Dim Mak @ Cinespace

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Dim Mak x Imboycrazy

Come join Alexi Wasser of at Cinespace 11/10/09! Hosted by Dim Mak. There will be a Dj set by Fischerspooner, Them Jeans, and Dan Oh. This is an event you don’t want to miss. For more information stay updated at or! See ya there!

**Just added,  Awesome Republic! This is a night you will not want to miss. It is jammed packed with performances. Alexi will be interviewing go-ers for her blog, while you can find me and my accomplices scouting around taking pictures of people with buttons and stickers!

MGMT tonight in SF

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MGMT…it is good to see that you are still around. I miss me some MGMT. I remember when I saw them almost 2 years ago in San Diego. The crowd was wild. Despite the bad sound they were an awesome show experience! I loved it when they did the remix of Electric Feel. Everyone went CRAZY!

If you are out in the SF area you should go see them. I hope to hear some new things soon. I know they have been touring all over the US and Europe with Oracular Spectacular. Especially now that they are being played all over the radio. Love it!

Earthquake, by far the best song and video by Little Boots

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Earthquake has come and been unleashed. I have to say, this is by far my favorite song by Little Boots. Seeing the video now brings this song to a whole new level. I forsee this song and video climbing into the Pop charts. This by far is the most commercial song she has. Not in a bad way.

One day I will see her live. I know I say that and it has yet to come to fruition. But I swear one day it will happen. For now I will continue to support her and buy her music. I suggest you do the same!

Fenech-Soler’s new video, Lies

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Yet here is another new video for the week. It comes from Fenech-Soler. This is the video to their much anticipated song Lies. Lots of new music this month. I am happy. For the past few months I haven’t been hearing anything new other than mixes and such. Now back to some good music!

Ed Banger on the loose

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Is it just me or has Ed Banger been pimping out it’s artists like crazy lately. Every time I log on to my Facebook I notice all the new updates from Ed Banger. I am not complaining, I am loving it. It seemed for a short time they kind of just fizzled and laid on their laurels. Oh wow, watch out my anteater education is coming out.

When can we expect Justice to put out a new album? Who knows. But, we can be expecting the much anticipated, at least by me, full album from Uffie. I was over on the Ed Banger myspace and the album is to be titled, Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans. The next single to be released will be featuring Pharell Williams. I can’t wait…I am sure it will be nothing less than sheer genius.

Some other people who have been busy for Ed Banger are DJ Mehdi and Busy P, and Feadz. Feadz after doing work with Uffie finally released an EP called P*N*M*B. Ofcourse, Justice, has been remixing people like crazy. Lenny Kravtiz being one of them. Mr. Oizo released a full album, Lambs Anger. Busy P and DJ Mehdi have been around the world spinning at events. I tell you, this team has been pretty busy since the begining of the year.

I am sure only good things will come. Next, up, Stupid Bitches EP.

New Video for Fiago is Out

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fiago electric

I have done a couple of posts of this amazing electronic duo, Fiago, for both of their singles, My TV, and Stay. They just released their latest video for Stay. It is a stop-motion video produced by Don O’Mato. 

Both of their tracks have been blasting in my car and I can only assume you have all been doing the same. If not go pick up their singles on Itunes! I forsee GREATNESS!!

One day soon…maybe…if they read this…I would love to do a short question and answer, so I can post. Inquiring minds want to know more about the duo. For now…check out the video!